Paul W. Bayer - Sculptor

"Bird of Paadise"
Mexican Flourite, Honeycomb Calcite & Granite


Paul W. Bayer is a stone sculptor that works primarily in white and slightly veined marbles, as well as a variety of other translucent stones, onyx, alabaster, flourite, calcite etc.. The crystalline structure and texture of natural stone combine to reflect light in an extraordinary way, giving forms movement and life. He carves directly in stone, as well as from models, maquettes and drawings when doing commissioned reliefs, busts and other works. He enjoys working with realism and all forms of abstraction.

The techniques used for carving stone vary greatly. A variety of tools are used for large removal and shaping. All finish work and some texturing is accomplished with the simplest of tools; hammer & chisels, files and sandpaper. Polishing itself is a very time consuming eleven-step process done entirely by hand.

He uses texturing on most of his sculptures. The combination between natural stone textures and the polish surface create a wide variety of colors and reflections within the same stone.

Most of his abstracts are carved directly in the stone. Often the shape and the natural fractures begin to guide him in a particular direction and as he carves movements take shape. Others come from a simple idea or an image he sees clearly in his mind.

"To Be Or Not To Be"
Colorado Yule Marble & Granite